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May 21 10

Brief biography

by Luís Melo

Luís Melo, born in Santo Tirso (Porto – Portugal) in 1978. Degree in Electrical Engineer and professional in CRM/CX consulting. My educational, academic and professional path led me through Vila Real (studied at UTAD), Porto (studied at FEUP and worked for Optimus), Paris (studied at ENSEA), Lisbon (worked at Novabase) and brought me to London (I worked at Enigen UK and now I work for Capventis).

As a teenager I practiced futsal, handball and tennis. After a severe injury in the right knee ligament and the consequent surgical operation, I left team sports. Since then I dedicate myself to Mountain Biking (MTB) and Running. I’m a big fan of Football and I earnestly support FC Porto.

Politics fascinates me. I believe in the ideals and values of Social Democracy and I am a member of the Portuguese Social Democratic Party. Anyway, I respect all those who are in politics unselfishly, and put common interests ahead of their own.

Travelling is also a passion but my favourite destination is… homeland. Portugal has wonderful sites, and sometimes a weekend is enough to get to know a small paradise. Portugal has very interesting villages and cities, an amazing history, good culture, excellent food, water and wine, great monuments and unbelievable sights.